A Moorish Affirmation

Realizing the infinite spirit within me, which is God, Allah, the living spirit almighty, know me through Mu, Mind Universal, as part of its self, therefore I consciously turn, from any thought that could deny, divert, or obstruct my karmic responsibility of the deliverance of truth to my Moorish kinship. I know that my spoken words will bare good fruit. I affirm my union with life, with love, with truth and with all the power there is. I know that everything I do, say and think, is stimulated by divine intelligence, infinite love and perfect wisdom. I place myself in the hands of divine guidance knowing that I shall be stimulated to think intelligently, to act with precision and to choose my words wisely. I rest in complete assurance that nothing but good can go from me and only that which is good can return to me.

So mode it be, Peace



The Divine Principle Of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom And Justice

By Ramah El


Allah the father of the universe, the father of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, Allah is my protector, my guide and my salvation by night and by day through his holy Prophet Drew Ali.

I dedicate this writing to the “Prophet” Noble Drew Ali, who incarnated to uplift fallen humanity, to teach the fallen sons and daughters of the Asiatics of North America to learn to love instead of hate, to re-establish the divine principle of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice, to educate the Asiatics of America as to their true and rightful heritage, that being the descendants of Moroccans born in America and  taught us that in this era of time every nation must worship under its own vine and fig tree.

I must also acknowledge the dedicated life work the honorable  C. M. Bey, who brought another level of consciousness to the cause of liberation of the Moors in America. His life assignment, as he said, was to write “The Clock Of Destiny Vol. I & II” but he also gave us ” The Circle Of Life” and “Moorish History Episodes” and more, all of which are valuable stones to resurrect our highest consciousness as Moors.

I must also recognize Brother James Johnson Bey who initiated me into the Moorish movement and started me on my way to becoming who I am today. it was through his dedication and perseverance, along with Darrell Thomas Bey, that made the Moorish American Institute AKA The Moorish Circle Of Mothers And Sons, a notable outlet for the history and science of the ancient Moabite/Moorish culture and created a national interest in the works of C. M. Bey.

Let me also give a special thank you and salutation to R. M. Bey who was gracious and generous enough to give me many years of one on one tutoring in mathematics, history, Moorish Science and a great working understanding of the liberal arts which includes astrology. It is the impact his wisdom and knowledge that has inspired me to do this writing, my only hope is that I prove to be a worthy student.

Finally I wish to dedicate this writing to Norman Anderson aka Nanda Maharaja, my spiritual mentor, who I met when I was in high school and who throughout my life, up until the time he made transition, was my spiritual guide. His knowledge, not only of the material planes of existence but of the spiritual realities has prepare me to fulfill my mission in this lifetime, which I understand to be is to bring more clarity to the mission of the Prophet and to further the liberation of Asiatics in America through the use of the information that C. M. Bey brought forward regarding the adept order of I.S.L.A.M. 

I thank You all with humble reverence

Peace Be With You: 

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Subject: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom And Justice

When a civilization is founded on the Divine Principles of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice, that civilization will last for millenniums, on the contrary if a civilization is founded on religious mystery, false history, military aggression, a government by the privileged for the privileged and a rigged  monetary system, that so called civilization can only last a few hundred years.

In the first three acts of the ” Divine Constitution And Bylaws” , the Divine Principles of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice are proclaimed. they are reiterated again in the Moorish Prayer. They are emphasized through out the Circle 7 Holy Koran, mentioned in the 101 questions for Moorish Americans and a number of times in the Prophet’s Literature. Why? Why is this mantra, if you will, repeated time and time again as if a very important point had to be made, emphasized and proclaimed? Have we gotten the message yet? It has been now 89 years since the Prophet has left the scene. So ask yourself this question Moors, do you think a significant amount of progress has been made in that time? If the answer is “NO” then we have not gotten the message. 

The purpose of this writing is to express my own understanding and thoughts of the importance of these Divine Principles in hope that we, as Moor in America, can begin a serious discussion as to why it was one of the main focal points of the Prophet’s mission. I believe that these five great principles are not cliche, no, but they are keys to unlock the gate to liberation and restore, not only Moors, but the entire human family to its’ higher self. Let there be no mistake about it Moors, there is a universal force behind these principles. A powerful weapon that will dispel all negative energy and uplift fallen humanity. In the Circle 7 Holy Koran Chapter I, The Creation And the Fall Of Man, it states:

“But let him know that cherubim and seraphim that rule the stations of the sun and spirit of the mighty god Allah who rule the solar stars are his protectors and his guide and they will lead to victory”.

It is my firm understanding that if we but take these Divine Principles to practice and seriously work to implement them into our interaction with one another, within one generation we will transform the negative vibrations of the planet into a positive reality. But we must apply science behind the divine principles to do so. When a builder creates a structure he uses science to build it. When an engineer wants to build a road or an engine he has to use scientific knowledge to bring it into being. Remember Moors, the “Prophet” Noble Drew Ali, renamed the Canaanite Temple, to the Moorish Science Temple for a reason. This we shall explore in this writing. What is the sciences we must use to rebuild our nation?

We must understand Moors that we have a great task before us and the majority of us must be on the same page. The unifying thoughts has to be our LOVE for each other and the job at hand, the TRUTH and trust in what we say and do in our interactions, the PEACE we must bring to our nation and to the planet, the FREEDOM we can enjoy without inflicting harm on others in words or deeds and last but not least, the JUSTICE we must employ to keep harmony and tranquility and save the souls inhabiting this earth from accumulating karmic reactions from  sinful acts.  


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Always be cognizant Moors, that we have a formidable opponent we have to deal with. An opponent well trained in material sciences and technology in all applications and who is also trained in metaphysics to a relatively high degree. We must understand that they have built an empire with help from masterminds who can reach into more subtle vibratory levels to maintain control ( spell ) over a good majority of the people on the  planet. However, as we become more aware and disciplined in our pursuit of the science of the divine principles, we will come to know the power they possess is finite and illusory like a magician’s trick, that once you know how it works the illusions disappear.

The Prophet said, ” now is the time when every man must worship under his own vine and fig tree”, and that ” every knee will bow and every tongue will confess his own”.  Now is the time Moors when we have to live up to the names of our forefathers of Bey, El and Ali, who ruled the world and the seven seas for 1,196 years and the ancient Moabites before that. That is powerful ! To rule the world and the seven seas for that amount of time, takes a lot of spiritual, mental and physical will power to accomplish and maintain but there is no other option it must be done. If you are not ready to do the work, please step aside. No more talking the talk, we must walk the walk. Walking the walk means; first we must choose leadership that is aware of the scientific principles necessary for success. They must have vision to see that the steps taken to get where we need to go will achieve the desired result which means they must have a plan and most importantly they must exhibit the Divine Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. We cannot settle for anything less. They must be the best of the best or else we will fail. Leadership must subdue their passions and rise above their attachments to greed, lust, avarice, petty jealousies etc. realizing that these are the things that we have been taught to keep us from achieving our goals. C. M. Bey said, ” Moors suffer from the three P’s, power, prestige and popularity”. Well, power, prestige and popularity are great attributes when they are bestowed upon you by the people, however they are a detriment if they are self proclaimed and the individual is looking for a pat on the back. True leadership understands its relationship with Allah the father of the universe and through that relationship his universal responsibilities and duties to maintain order through Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice on this plane of existence we call Earth.

Some will say, that it is naive to think that the Divine Principle alone will resurrect the Moorish Nation and restore it to its’ prominence. I will say to those people that Love, truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice works on all three levels of consciousness, the conscious, subconscious and super conscious levels. There is a divine science and a powerful energy behind these Divine Principles that can be invoked by Moors who are willing to do the work and put  them into practice in there everyday lives. If we can do that we will be well on our way. We must come unplugged from the mental matrix that we have been trapped in for centuries and think outside the box. We must fix our gaze on the Divine Principle and not look back.


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BY Ramah El

  • Absolute Love is Divine
  • Absolute Truth is Eternal
  • Absolute Peace is the Ultimate Reality
  • Absolute Freedom is Boundless
  • Absolute Justice is Perfect Balance 


  In the Video below Johnathan Bey discusses the use of Moorish credentials when dealing with foreign governments in the areas of the courts, health care, banks, administrative agencies, etc. Through  writs and court orders.