Business/Industrious Moors

This book was written by an industrious Moor, Missionary Dr. Cathy L. Shaffer Bey in the spirit of Love and for the upliftment of fallen humanity.


Mothers and daughters need to have a special bond with each other. We need each other; for conformation/affirmation of each other. I want and need my daughter to tell me, “You are pretty.” I love letting my daughter know, “She is pretty.” There is much healing that can and will take place when the love between a mother and daughter is displayed on all levels. It is important to be reciprocal in loving each other. When daughters and mothers compete to show love to each other, there is so much empowerment that takes place. Mothers want to protect their daughters and love them forever! The love and protection that mothers give their daughters is equivalent to the kind of love and protection fathers give their daughters; just in a different manner. Loving and giving kindness to one another between a daughter and mother is immeasurable. The bonds that bind a mother’s and daughter’s heart cannot be broken. The bonds make mothers and daughters inseparable. All of the wisdom that is given to a daughter from a mother makes our daughters courageous, driven, and invincible. That is awesome! ~~ CLS

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Confidential Investigation

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