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With the grateful approval of The Asiatic Nation of North America’s Senior Executor Hakim Elamenuel Alli  and in the respected honored spirit of community cooperation, the following important Public Service Message (P.S.A.) and its Conveyance System has been pridefully donated by the independent entity: “Moors’ Technology Group“, a wholly owned and operated  Moorish Technology Resource Facilitator of The MoorishDirectory.com.

The above important Indigenous & Aboriginal Moorish Americans’ Constitutional Human Rights Public Service Announcement (PSA) explains the National Movement’s governance reanimation project currently underway (operationally recognized as) The ARROW HEAD Initiative.  Interested Groups, Civic Leaders, Regional Spokespersons, Temple Sheiks and other Active Moors wishing to take part in this extremely important ongoing Governance Reanimation Initiative may contact The Asiatic Nation of North America at the following address for more information and Convention Organization Packs: info@anofna.org

In that a revolution is simply a CIRCLE, always returning to the same place without progress, merely a bit more wiry, worn-out, tattered and worn for worst, Active Moorish Americans are not Revolutionists, they are “Evolutionists”, undauntedly positive, progressive and always ACTIVELY prepossessing upward with a singular mission:

The Uplifting of Fallen Humanity !