The Asiatic Nation Of North America (ANOFNA) operates under the jurisdictional authority of The Moorish Science Temple Of America, which is a religious theocratic trust governmental organization/nation state, which is formed with leadership of Hakim Elamenuel Alli, who’s station is Executive Ruler, as demonstrated in the 101 questions for Moorish Americans, questions 55 & 56.

Our goals and objectives are to pursue a scientific lawful approach to fulfill and continue the work of ‘Our Prophet” Noble Drew Ali. To Bring into union all Asiatics of America/Amexum under the universal and divine principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice and to follow through on the mission of, uplifting fallen humanity with the thought of projecting those vibrational influences to the world at large. In addition to those goals and objectives mentioned above, we are determined to facilitate, by way of active participation, an effective and fully functional government that truly serves the needs of its people. For example;  1) Educational system for all levels of education from grade schools to universities which will include trades to rebuild our nation. 2) National treasury to create banks, to initiate business and commerce within the Moorish society and eventually establish our own  currency. 3)  A functional deliberative legislative body to pass un-intrusive laws base on love, truth, peace, freedom and justice. 4) To put in place a judicial and law enforcement branch of government, etc, etc and much more to come.

Presently The ANOFNA has established a diplomatic relationship with foreign corporate jurisdictions on all levels which includes, federal, state and local governmental domains. The Visa/Passport document is the prime example of our efforts to serve our Moorish Nationals. We are also in the process of creating other documents and instruments to firmly establish our status as indigenous inhabitants of North America and to be recognized as such.

More to come:


THURSDAY:   Young Men  Business League –  8:00 – 9:15


FRIDAY:   HOLY DAY CALL –  8:00 – 9:00

  • The Call-in Number: (605) 313-5148
  • Access Code:  806 725  #
  • Replay Number:  (605) 313-5153
  • Access Code:   806725  #

SUNDRY SCHOOL CALL:    –  11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

  • The Call-in Number: (667) 770-1476
  • Access Code:  848329  #
  • Replay Number:  (667) 770-1447
  • Access Code:   848329 #

TUESDAY: Officers/Stations Meetings – EST/ 8pm-9:30pm, CST/7pm -8:30pm, PST/6pm – 7:30pm ( MEMBERS ONLY )  

WOMB-MAN AUXILIARY MEETING: THURSDAY 7:00 PM                                                    Call Sheikess  Rita El,  At : (225) 445-0031




COMING SOON!!! “www.anofna.msta” this website will be on our own private platform.



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