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Islam Moors;

I am Hakim Sabree ElamenuEl Alli, the Executive Ruler Of the Moorish Science Temple Of America/Asiatic Nation Of North America. My station of Executive Ruler is stated in the ” 101 Koran Questions for Moorish Americans”, question # 55: What is the name of the first physical man? Answer: His name cannot be used, only by the executive rulers of the A.C of the M.S.T. of A. Question # 56: What are the words A.C. of the M.S.T. of A.? Answer: Adept Chamber of the Moorish Science Temple Of America ( 3rd Heaven)

I will now share with you my history and how I came to be who I am in this day in time.

My Earth date of birth was on December 30th, 1946. I was given the name, Robert Theodore Reed, by my lovely loving mother, Mildred Jean Reed.

As a child my Mother, because of her religious upbringing, would send me to church early every Sunday to Sunday school. I was very inquisitive in Sunday School and constantly asked a lot of questions about the teachings of God and the Bible. One day I asked a question of  my Sunday School teacher on the same subject and she replied, “we do not question god”. I then responded to her, “why not, does he not know the answers to all questions”? She only repeated her answer, “we do not question him”. This left me perplexed and confused as a child. My soul needed answers.

My next confusing experience came when I matured into a young man. I began to see and notice the issue of racial disparity among people in this country based upon skin color. This, I could not understand. What was the cause of this characterization of people and why does it exist? You see, I was raised to love, as I do, ‘ALL PEOPLE’. There exists in my family a wide range of skin colors from so called black or dark olive hue to that of fair skin. The origin of the dark olive hue came from my lovely grandmother on my father’s side, who I love so, so much. She had those high cheek bones, square chin and unblemished skin. She bore my grandfather five (5) children and he himself was very fair of skin and of Irish descent. His mother, it has been told, was a Moorish Princess, however this story has never been fully investigated or researched. All my loving aunts, on my grandfather’s side , were fair skinned and they all showed me nothing but love. On my mother’s side my aunts and uncles had dark skin like my lovely grandmother. They all showed me love on both sides of my family. I only knew love, so the skin color/race problem, i just could not get.

When I was drafted into the army in 1966, I had my first real experience of racial disparity in Germany where I was stationed as a private. My wife, who was of a dark complexion like my grandmother, and we were denied hotel rooms because of her complexion. I returned to my assigned army unit and approached the first Sergeant of the unit, who was a big man of fair skin ( so called white ). After I told him my problem about the hotels, this man told me to get out of his office and threatened to put his foot up my you know what. Being a Private in rank and he , being a Sergeant and of fair skin (white), must have gave him the notion that I was afraid of him. Me, having no fear of any man, fair skin or not and because of my grandfather of Irish descent, who raised me with love, I had no fear of this man. I then told him to come out of his office and if he raised his foot off the floor he will not have it to put down and that I would take it from him and not return it because I would break it off. He then decided to keep his foot to himself. Word got around the unit to the brothers that, Reed called the Sergeant out. When that happened the brothers in my unit began to look to me for help when they had problems in our company unit with the Sergeant.

The two questions that remained unanswered in my mind were, 1) Why was it that I couldn’t question God who has all the answers, and  2) What is this difference in the treatment of people because of skin color. These issues troubled me . I wanted to know, needed to know why these two questions stayed with me.

After I returned from the army in 1969, three years later in 1972 I met a brother by the name of Macintosh Bey, who helped to incorporate my street vending business operating in the city of Baltimore, known as the International Vendors Marketeers. The intent was to establish an international organization whose purpose was to unite all the street vendors in every city and state in the United States and the world. Therefore, with the help of Allah and self determination, we were able to do our filing of the corporation.

I confided in Macintosh Bey my concerns about the two questions I needed answers to, regarding the questioning of God who is all knowing and the issue of skin color and race. I explained to him about how I was raised in love by all my family members who ranged in skin tone from fair to dark skin. Macintosh Bey then instructed me to attend the meetings at the Moorish Science Temple of America, if I needed answers to my questions. So at age 25 I began to take the steps to seriously seek out answers to my questions while unbeknownst to me, coming closer to my destiny which prepared me for what I am impelled to do today.

When I arrived at the Moorish Science Temple of America, which at the time was located Howard Street in Baltimore Maryland, I took a seat and began to listen with full attention. After a while, a little man about 5ft.  8in. tall took to the podium and began his presentation. He lectured for a long time but it seemed like only a few minutes had past. When he finished, all the questions that I sought answers to, were answered without me opening my mouth to ask anything. That little man who put me in a time warp was none other than , Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle El/Prophet Noble Drew Ali the 3rd. Needless to say after that life changing experience my Christian name “Reed” transitioned to my Moorish name “Reed-El” .

I began my studies in law by first studying the Prophet’s law in the form of the “101 Questions For Moorish Americans”, the ” Holy Koran Circle 7″ and with Black’s Law Dictionary 6th edition for reference. Why? Because I learned very quickly that law governs all events, be it universal law or mundane law. I learned also that legal definitions of words used in law, which are written by lawyers and legal scholars, are essential to the interpretation of law, whereas the use of lay definitions for words in law will keep you in mental slavery.

In just a few months of dedicated study in the Moorish Science Temple, myself and others became deputy Sheiks to Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle El. We lived in the Temple, took care of the Grand Sheik  and looked after his  general welfare. The Grand Sheik’s knowledge and wisdom was enormous and during the time of my stay with him, he taught me how to clean up my mind and received the truth of who I am as well as who we are as a people. This was truly a great blessing to sit at his feet and learn.

After more years of study and devotion to the teachings of the Prophet, I was inspired to change from” Reed-El” to now Hakim Sabree ElamenuEl Alli, Executive Ruler of the M.S.T.of A 3rd Heaven. As stated earlier you will find my station of divine service in the “101 Questions For Moorish Americans” questions #’s 55 & 56 3rd Heaven. When you factor the numbers together, 55+56 and break it down to a single digit they will factor to 3, which means esoterically 3rd, 33rd, and 360 degrees, the “Great Man” on earth, “SOVEREIGN”.

We’ve come to rule this earth by Allah’s command. Thus the Holy and Divine Prophet has given the title ” Executive Ruler(s)” of the Adept Chamber of the M.S.T. of A. 3rd Heaven. In the Bible under 2nd Corinthians 12th Chapter, you will find that 3rd Heaven is between your two ears, it is not a building made by the hand of man.

Although, what I am about to say may offend some and bewilder others, I must speak truth. By God’s decree, to every people a term is appointed and when that term is reached not an hour can they cause delay. Therefore despite their perceived might and vaulted position in the world, the Europeans, so called whites, have reached the end of their rule in the western hemisphere. I am speaking of ” Egypt the Capital Empire of the Dominion of Africa”.

The reality is that civilization started in the western hemisphere and spead abroad. The esoteric meaning of Egypt is: No salary, no pay. When you don’t receive a salary or a pay for your labor that is “SLAVERY”. Our Prophet instructed us that we lived in Egypt of the West. Here is the proof that we live in Egypt of the West where there is no salary, no pay. The U.S. Dollar is the world reserve currency and it reads, ” This note is legal tender for all debts public and private”. Well “note” in law means “debt”. the currency is legal but not lawful. Lawful is constitutional currency, real money backed by gold and silver under Article 1 Sec. 10 of the Constitution. So, what is” tender”? “Tender” is an offer. Thus the currency is an offer for a debt.

Wake up to reality, the currency does not pay nor does it pay a debt. We have been programed  to think that it does but the joke is on us. We also have to wake up to the fact that, all are enslaved despite your race. Get over the mind game. If you are not being payed lawful money as set forth in the Constitution meaning backed by gold and silver, you are not being paid. Therefore you are in slavery.

Peace be unto you that receive this message and understand.

Hakim Sabree ElamenuEl Alli

Executive Ruler M.S.T of A./ANof NA 3rd Heaven


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